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Inks and Verses
Odd Odes
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The moon coyly plays with the clouds,
A great stillness is felt around.
I lie down naked in bed,
Hoping that the night won't end.
I hear you now...
You're coming too slowly...
A promise, I ask you to keep.
Please won't you let me sleep?
I feel you on my skin,
I feel you everywhere,
I toss and turn to sides...
Sweating profusely...
I can't stand it,
I'm aching all over...
I want you!
I want you dead,

#Circa 1996



2:15 A.M.

the front hall is silent

with just the sound of beeping computer monitors

and the occasional snores

of patients sedated heavily on medications.

The nights is slow and there is nothing you can do

but to hang in there and try to fight

the boredom that is creeping in.

Suddenly, the familiar sound of the

bell in Room 323 came alive!

The sleepy nurses and aides on the midnight shift

scrambled out of their seats.

“I just want to use the bathroom”, she said

when asked on the intercom.




The Ballad Of Oliver C. Rosis

--------An Epitaph-------


Here lies a man

Who never loved his Liver

For years he gulped beer like water


One day he felt an ache in his tummy

Prompting him to consult an old Doctor-Buddy

He was then referred to UERMMMC

And was diagnosed with Liver CA after a biopsy


And so his life has turned topsy-turvy

Especially when his wife left him for somebody

He then went back to his old same way

And drowned his sorrows everyday


The day Oliver cannot contain it no longer

The burden in his heart proved too heavy

Than the pain in his beer belly

He took a shot of his favorite SMB

Before crashing head-on into a rushing BLTB.


And thats the end of the tragic story

Of the man who never took his wife and Liver seriously....





Foot Fever

If you were me

You will feel the way I am feeling

You will know what it is to be in my shoes.

If you were me

You will know what I am trying to tell you

You will know how it fells like I do.

I am tired, battered and calloused

And it is all because of you!

I am weary from the heavy weight that you put on me.

Wont you please give me a break?

Before I smell up like the dead

Please give in to my request

Please, give me what I need

A really good Foot Massage, that is!



 Chemical warfare

Throw the bomb

before it explodes

right into your own hands.

In this age of broken bones

and mangled hands,

you explode firecrackers for fun!

But I dont have the heart for such

I am nothing but a fat coward.

So, whenever I want to have some fun

I have my gaseous fart to trust!

Its the safest that you can get

Without endangering any limb.

Try it if you must

And you can kick my butt

If it doesnt worked out right.



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