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Heart and Soul

A Prayer

Speak to me in language of long ago
Whisper ancient words softly in my ear
Make me your lover in the fleeting rain
And your bosom friend in the midst of violent waves

Let’s make a solemn vow under the golden sun
That the scars of the future and the promise of yesteryears
Be buried and forgotten in the present moment

Let us taste the sweetness of scarred glory
And dig our own grave in joyous melancholy

Let there be Peace in our sanctuary




 Lost In Love
Scheming plays, burning desire
Restless hearts, complicated minds
Caught in a web of attrition.

Spinning tales filled with half-truths
Turning a blind eye on the whole truths
There is no escaping the road to perdition.

Corrupted lives, shallow reasons
Passionate bodies, lightning fever
Igniting crimes of passion.

Silent tears, mangled emotions
Lost souls, shattered devotion
Too late to realize the way to


If only for a smile

A shelter from the cold

I could teach my heart be bold

And say to you

Like I never could,


If only for a smile

Things could be much easier

And I could get to know you better

And say to you

Like I think I could

like you.

And if only for a smile

Far more precious than a rainbow

Nor all the songs the winds blow

I could held the hand of a dream

If only for your smile


Remnants of the past.

I have lost count
of the things that we
said- under the crescent
moon and sailing on the blue lagoon.

You seemed to remember
the times that we were alone-with
only the white sands for company, cavorting under
the heat of the sun while trying to get a decent tan.

We tried hard not to forget
the memories of our love, but some
good things never really last, as we
bid goodbye to a beautiful past…

Glancing at the magical
full moon and finally realizing
the follies that I have done-for letting
you go without even knowing and asking why.



Forbidden Love

She is getting Older
Just by sitting there in the Dark
In between the Starlit and Moonless sky
On a cold and windy February evenings.

In the balcony
She sat there Quietly
Sipping her sweetened Indian tea
Oblivious to the singing of the larks and crickets
in the Shadows

I once gave her company
And she shared some Horrific Secrets with me-
Of Brilliant characters and Dull companionships
Relived from Distant memory.

She never mentioned His Name to me
And I pondered about it in Secrecy
I tiptoed for the comforts of my room.
And left her there, still on her lonesome Reverie.

I turned around just before entering the door
And found her staring and smiling back at me
There, wrapped in a blanket amid the Lavender-scented air
I understand the Reasons, why she preferred to stay
In the dark just to Cherish-
His Sweet Memories


Unanswered Prayer
Everything happened so fast
Like the shooting star fading into the dark night
She could only heave a sigh and cry
When his spirit vanished from her sight.

Light floats in golden crimson
Interfering with cultured wisdom.
Blinding her eyes, confusing her mind.

For the longest time, she knelt and prayed
Patiently begging the Heavens to reconsider
But nothing happened that day

For the gods were looking elsewhere
When she finally bared
The longings
Of her soul...



                          Today, a miraculous thing happened to me.

                       I was climbing the difficult steep rugged earth

                I was halfway into it when something felt terribly wrong

                It was different from the usual things that I have known

     It was a brave struggle against the unforeseen enemy lurking in the gloom.

                Every step is ominously nearer to an impending doom

    But I saw your face in the shadows and unearthed the key into your bosom

      And I was save from the demons by your pure soul.


Sitting here

Looking at you

Makes me wonder


Standing here

Beside you

Makes me wonder


Lying here

Next to you

Makes me wonder


It is really a wonder

No matter what I do

I cant live without you


But no, I am not complaining

For you make my life truly wonderful

Since you smashed my wonder wall.




i look at you

with my

fiery eyes

my heart is


hot with desire

i was born


the fire sign

let me tell you that

aries and mars

are just one of a kind

do not ever think that

you can escape

from my


for i will pry

into your heart

engulf your

very soul

and corrupt

your weary mind

i will set your

flesh and blood ablaze

until you perish in

infernal haze

yes, I am a


a fireball

hotter than the sun

i can spew

flames out of my mouth

a true pyromaniac that

no one can stop

yes, i am the

man on fire

i am always


inside and out

but do not

let that fašade

fool you

for deep


I am

as cold as





Unanswered Q

The dawn speaks
as the rays of the sun
is now seen from
the Eastern skies
and radiates a majestic
streams of golden rays.
The doves soared
and glides into the blue sky
that bestow sweet and elegant
grace to a tired sight,
energizing the troubled
spirit with mystic
dreams and praise.
The melodious music
from a crystal harp that
fell from heaven
bequeathed an
enlightened bliss.

But why do I still
Yearn for your
Sweet kisses?


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