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lust in emotion


Architectural Plays

Schematic diagrams of damned souls

In uncharted sea of passion

Blue prints of seduction

Lost in the blue horizon


Silly thoughts, crazy ideas

Simple notions, moronic solutions

To the simple questions.


Building relationships

From the dust of creation

Is a simple excuse to damnation?


Bodies carved in stone

Saturated in oil of secretions

Making plans for the big summation


Graphic emotions, linear equation

Caught in a web of painless expression

Collapsing in the heat of spontaneous combustion.


The Hands that Rocks the Cradle
Her hands bolt into action
Powered by unexplained desire within
Searching for unexplored passion
Melting her innocent purity.

Driven by intense unexpected pleasure
She strive without the foreknowledge
Of the enormity of rapture
That is present in her nature

Luscious and sublime feelings
Once thought impossible to pursue
Is now a wondrous immense reality
Brought by the cosmic forces
Long concealed from humanity


Snake In the Grass

Nature tripping, skinny-dipping

a-python came a-jumping

into the heart of gods creation.


With eyes a-blazing

and vicious tongue protruding

dancing in a twisted dance macabre.


Soft hot lips a-teasing

burning fragile fingers squeezing

recoiling hard from classic strangulation.


Bursting with strength and pleasure

spitting its deadly venom.

Into the abyss of abomination


Deep breathing sensation

gasping for air trying to fight the poison

but in the end died from sheer exhaustion.


Lady of the night

She walked naked in the night

A lost soul bathed by the moonlight

Long hair bouncing on the shoulders

Blown by the cold evening air.

Ah, what a beautiful sight!


I was a poor soul sitting under the moon glow

When you passed by

I decided to follow you

And walked behind in your shadow


Standing in front of you

Numb and feeling like a statue

It is too good to be true

The beauty that I have seen in you


Before you vanished in the haze.


the muse


make her moves

in the darkness

under the canopy

she recoiled

from the sight

of the serpent

bobbing out

from the grass


she moved

dancing in

slow motion


in the rapid

rush of




in the arms

of the man

in the darkness




Union Station

Vague nocturnal play of restrained emotions

whirled and swirled in my giddy head

Of savage passions and delirious temptations

as I lay naked in my steel cold bed

I closed my eyes in the darkness in tense anticipation

thoughts of your warm and tender body recoiling in sweet fantasy

only heightened the long suppressed longing

Sumptuous imaginations and sexual liberation

made my whole body shivered in joyous celebration

At last, I won the senseless struggle and finally let go of the

last strands of primitive inhibitions

I was consumed with desire; my body touches your soft satin skin-

stroking, teasing, nipping, nibbling and caressing

adding fuel to the raging passion

Our pulses racing, heartbeats galloping and temperature rising

there is no escaping the callings of the savage emotions

as two souls grabbed the only chance and danced into the music of delight

and embraced the sparkling bursts of the halogen star lights.

C 2002JBMS

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