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mixed nuts
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Message in a Bottle

Blue waves and white surf soothes the tired eyes
with impressions of one cold summer long ago
where a green soda bottle was washed ashore.

A genie was liberated amid the landscape of orange
sunset and giant limestone formations on the beach
where the angry waves kissed my feet.

Three wishes were wished
but were never granted for the genie
was indisposed that day.

I looked up in the gray skies forlornly
and rued the fate that befell, that maybe I should
have not picked up the wayward bottle after all.



Barnum’s Madness

I am the creator
Of rock marshmallows in the snow
A hypocritical shot at the people
In the circus freak show

A hammer here and there
Anchored the coffin in the quicksand of life
The filthy faucet leaks and drips into the mouth
Irritating the sore tongue of the cross-eyed clown

Confined in the black hole of the famous sideshow
Laughing at the misery of other people
Ignorant spectators of the sorry performance in the bloody stage

We are all prisoners in our happy show.



 Face Off

Your face beckons in the mirror

Clothe in a kaleidoscope light

Lightning strikes its

Psychedelic flash

Your reflection

Blurs and shattered the

Illusion of your soul,


Vanished into oblivion.


Now, when I look in the mirror

What do I see?


except for the old memory

of the face that was

once so lovely

Black Magic


Good Lord, Bloody Hell

What Am I doing here?

Watching Harry Potter

Doing his silly things

In a make-believe scene


Good God, Bloody Bastard

This bespectacled boy

With a Sorcerers wand

Hypnotizing and mesmerizing



Good, bad, bloody thing

Harry Potters holding people

Like puppets on a string.


Crazy little things

I am fond of thinking

Making a big thing out of nothing.



Dream Catcher

You find laughter in things that are immaterial

Things that capture your innocent fancies,

Paper drawings of iron dragonflies and silky butterflies,

Hampered by leaden wings that cannot fly.


You long and desired for the great beyond

That exposed your predilections for

The uncertain butter-soft fragility of the human soul

Melting the essence of your sweet and rebellious psyche


You capture internally all the beauty and horror of the bygone eras,

The dreams of the innocents and the follies of the damned;

In Love and war- lust and desire- faith and myth-

-In a world of make-believe.


I envy your bold and daring persistence

In chasing and reaching your elusive dreams

For I am still here, mired in my own sweet mirages

of the worlds deliquescent phantoms...




When I first look into your eyes

My heart beats so fast

Coz I saw the world in a flash.


My mind starts to wonder

Quietly it searches for an answer

As thoughts of you began to linger


Dreams that could last forever

Slowly slips through from my fingers

As my mind began to wander


Truly, I went to sleep to reach a dream

But I woke up in a nightmare!





As she lay there sleeping


I crawled in silence, shears in hand,

Mouth agape, trembling and doubting myself


Staring at the blue-ribbons that adorns her golden tresses

That flows down to her 24- inch waist.


Breathing deeply and slowly,

I started to chip with care; gently they fell softly like

Feathers along the aisle of dreams; drowning in

Simple but exquisite grace among the masses of dead yellow bands

Neatly piled and compiled in the sand.


I created a masterpiece!

A fools crowning glory of insanity.


In a cold February morning, with a lone candle burning

I find solace just by looking at the ashes of the once proud and mighty





 Dear John
And today
While roaming
Strawberry fields
I closed my eyes and saw the light
A hundred and one slivers that cuts the night
I, Me, MineThe Ballad of John and Yoko
And a thousand rays of silky black brightness that enveloped my soul
Commencing a magical mystery tour
The rush and thrill never bores my hallucinogenic mind
In my heart I knew the reason behind the men and the music
Those diluted laughter and obscure helter skelter views
The lifeless grace and red orbs, the purpled words and gray sincerity
That coated your kaleidoscopic world!
I understand the dark gestures and the complexities of your answers
As well as the hues of your inactions that was subtly painted by your pale palette in the canvas of life while aboard the yellow submarine
Behind the blues and beneath the shades
I saw Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds!





Yo d man

hey you, whatcha doin

with that gun in

your hands?

hey you,

why did ya

shoot the man

in the middle

of the traffic jam?

hey you,

where are you

gonna go

with all that blood

in your hands?

hey you,

watcha gonna do

when the long arm

of the law

caught up

with you?

all because

of that


in your hands....

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