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 Grand Ma

It seems to me that your time has really come.

I can neither ignite your nerves to fire on painful stimuli

Nor soothe your pained sighs.


It is always said that one night 

They will come and reward your tired body

Of its long needed rest- safe and at peace with yourself


For the longest time youve waited

Lying in bed, with nothing but dextrose to nourish

your frail and battered body and Prayers to power your

waning faith


The heavens finally opened its eyes

And the stars and the sun decided to lit your path

As you crossed the point of eternal lights


Tonight, once again I saw your face in the sky

Beaming brightly in the company of the moon and the stars

Youre safe now from all your troubles and harm


Knowing that youre happy now

I felt a tingling sensation coming from my heart

and finally came to terms with my own life.


Snow Blind
A broken heart
Drifting in the waters
Shivering from the cold,
-battered and old.

A silent lament
Echoed from within
Swirling in the
Cool winter air.

Blizzard, icicles and fogs
Blinded the cold hungry heart.

A flicker of light
Glows in the dark
An omen for the one I love.

We can command our actions
We cannot command our hearts.


Spirit of the Glass

I remember vividly watching my father from afar
Under the influence and intoxicated by his best friend,
Jim beam. Gesturing awkwardly and gesticulating in the air,
Muttering incomprehensible words of despair.
Alarmed by the scandal and to avoid an ugly scene
The Mayor and his lieutenants locked him
Behind bars until he was deemed sober.
I could not comprehend it then,
But now I know better
And afraid that I am now
Beginning to be like him.




A Fallen Angel

In turmoil,

under a shroud of

dark despair


forgiveness for

one's sins.


the last straws

of dying fragmented


Trying to evade


the infernal clutches

of wrinkled

satanic power.

Derailed patterns

of existence,

Questions of self-


that dies hard

on senile memory.


embraced the night



the sky remains


the walls silent


peace elusive.


Shattered Illusions
The cumulus clouds
patiently floats into
the blue sky.

Gliding with the wind
slowly, gently
into the navel
of the heavens.

Hoping that
the angels
would perceive
her inner beauty.

bliss turned into sadness
As darkness enveloped
her monochromatic world

she finally
gave up
her lonely quest
when she
realized that the

angels have fallen
prey to the beauty
of the rainbow



Reality Bites
When you told me today
That ours is really extraordinary
and that you
have loved me in a
very special way.

I tend to believe everything you say,
I felt happy and
Was almost carried away.

I cherished the way things have been-

But past is past
The dream is gone
And the ride is over

You are now only what you are to me.
-the girl from yesterday.

C2002 JBMS


Moment of Truth
In the Age of Aquarius
When moon is in Virgo
I have come to love you.

Strange places, enchanted moments
Odd faces, soft kisses
You are so unreal.

I closed my eyes
And gasped for air
I smelled your fragrant hair.

When I opened my eyes
I finally realized
That I have seen my
Dreams died in your eyes.


Screw Driver
The hot radial rubber tire
Pounded the dirty earth
With menacing fury
In the unpaved road
to infamy.

A fine thread of steel
separates the angel and the devil
until one came
face to face
with the eye of the needle
and plunged into
the navel of the
great plague.

The road less traveled
Where angels feared to tread
is no match
for the angry
restless heart?

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