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Red Rose, Growing

Paradox Of Love

Two people
and they
held each other's gaze
kissed sensuously
locked in warm embrace
moved in unison
burnt with passion.
it seems to be.

Two hearts
will never meet-
a heart that loves
a heart that refuses to love...

Clothe me in immaculate white.
Make me become a beautiful sight.

Give me a comfortable rest.
I ask for all the best.

Fill the air with scent of roses.
Make me hear pleasant voices.

Life has been done.
Love me while I am gone.


Space Background 2

To catch a falling star
I dreamt of it ever since I was a child.
So I waited for the chance to come

To catch a falling star
I tried to grab it with my bare hands.
But it faded right before my very eyes.

To catch a falling star
Now I know that Im such a fool-
-For thinking that I could reach for the stars.

To catch a falling star
Now my dreams are falling apart
-Even before it touches the ground.




The previous night's chilliness
can still be felt in the air.
The night has already ended.
The day has started
realizing that I woke up alone.

I have to spend the day
to myself...
by myself...
with myself...
for myself,

The air's chilliness can now be felt again.
The day has already ended.
The evening has started--
only to realize that
I will be sleeping


circa 1996

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