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Discolored Memories

I once caught your glassy eyes
Staring without seeing through the
Broken blue stained-glass window
Your red-hot face, frowning
Deep in grotesque concentration,
Like a mask out of Picasso's
Abstract paintings.
Bony fingers tapping on the
Cold surface of the black Oak
Louis XV side table. A Walkman
In hand and microscopic earphones
Plugging the heavy metal music
In your ears. Silence is trapped in
Golden moment of mournful interlude
Your slight jaw and sagging shoulders
Is a picture of the world coming to a sluggish end?
You found your tender lips kissing the
Cool balmy air, dreaming of the sweet unassuming
Kisses of an erstwhile lover that gone mad
A love-struck Romeo!
But your day is over and your psyche finally
Succumbed to the distressing,
Pointless exercise in your gloomy midst reach for that one
Last pill in the pocket and all the troubles
Were swept into the dark void calming
Your fragile nerves in quiet slumber of vibrant

A Fool's Prayer
Speak to me in language of long ago
Whisper ancient words softly in my ear
Make me your lover in the fleeting rain
And your bosom friend in the midst of violent waves

Let us make a solemn vow under the golden sun
That the scars of the future and the promise of yesteryears
Be buried and forgotten in the present moment

Let us taste the sweetness of scarred glory
And dig our own grave in joyous melancholy

Let there be Peace in our sanctuary.

The Warrior
His monstrous presence can be felt-

A modern-day Colossus;
Steely eyes, rusty breath, iron hands.

In the vast wasteland of human tragedy
He scaled the dark brassy steps and
trod the narrow slopes with his
tin soled shoes.

He passed beneath the River of Death,
like a phantom armed with a copper-plated,
unflinching soldered heart.

Dark Visions
On a cold night, I saw-

Doomed faces, crammed in a boxcar
On a one-way ticket to hell!

Their black eyes stared in circles
Whispering unintelligible archaic voices that
Echoes the brutality of their tormentor

I stood alone at the crossroads
In the dark.

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