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Inks and Verses

Shades of Lilac

My Lady...

Jump into the fire with me, my lady

Undress your sweet, raw emotions

Like you’ve never ever done before

Intense feelings burning within our skins

Encouraging to harness the great power within

Join me in my dreams, my lady

Unlock the deepest mysteries of my heart

Leave everything behind you now

In our journey to the point of no return

Evading all the things that we once feared

Jot down my last words into your heart, my lady

Untie the ancient knots of your inhibitions

Let go of the suppressed longings of your soul

In between our knowing gaze

Everybody has failed to see, the passion burning in our eyes.

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Sitting alone under the full moon

trying to pry my brains open

and find the right answers

to the same old dreaded questions

I am a ghost of the man I used to be

staring blankly at the empty walls

as old movies run before my eyes in uncanny fashion

I am lost in the sea of creation

unmindful of the cold nippy wind touching my skin

and the cold damp grasses that tickled my bare feet

Dazed and confused

I am a ghost of my old self

a dark shadow of the man that in your heart

is long buried in



I am the moth,
You are the flame
I got burned when
I touched your heart.

I am the moth
Attracted to your flame
I perished in pursuit of my dreams.

You are the flame
That tempted my soul and
I lost my innocence

I am the moth,
You are the flame
Our lives were in twined
In tragedy.




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