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All About Eve
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Inks and Verses

You got to help me find my inner light back
My soul is lost and groping in the dark

Won’t you carry a candle and light my path?
Help me find my way back to your heart.

In the dark I saw a flickering light
But the heartless wind extinguished it when
I tried to touch it with my trembling hands
And all my hopes vanished into the cold night.

My heart is black as the night
Grim morbid emotions dances inside and out

Won’t you lead me into the light?
Please, help me find my way back to your heart.

In the darkness of the moonless night
I heard the stray dogs bark in gruesome delight
Oblivious to my broken heart’s sweet desolation
And my soul’s tortured isolation.

Suddenly your beautiful face looms in the dark sky
Casting a bright shadow in the hollow chambers of my heart
Larger than life, putting a spell that I will have to fight with all my might.

You are the one that could put my life right back on track,
Stop my nerves from firing clumsily and mindlessly exploding to smithereens.

Won’t you guide me into the night?
I am lost without you and I am falling apart.

You are the one that I have to fight inside my bewildered mind
And put the misbehaving screws back in my weary head.

Oh, Andrea…




Sometimes I dream, Athena
that you are in my arms, your
soft body pressed against mine
in the rose garden, right there
in the unlit room, where two
lonely souls were entwined in
a beautiful dance of innocent
passion. In the twilight of my
life, I knew then as I do now,
that you can never be mine.


She sat there in the cubicle, with eyes closed trying to drown out
the cries of tortured souls that still ring in her ears and the pungent odor of
billows of smoke that screen the crimson haze of gray vision
that numbed her senses as she tried to forget the painful reminder of
Auschwitz, Dachau and Trebilinka. Now reduced to a neurotic museum of tears.
In her mind, where footsteps are stationary and the labored sound of hoarse breathing
that echoes in the silent passageways, breezed through her fading memory.
Their pictures were now silent and the curtains drawn to hide the reflections in
the mirror of her eyes that belies the mourning of her heart.



Someone once asked me
Why do my eyes still lit up at the mention of your name?
They cannot, as they say, fathom my way of thinking.

For they know that you have your own life to live now
For they know that the past will never come back
For they know that so many things in my life will never be the same again

But I tell them that despite the years and the pain
I still have the moon and the stars to make me smile

And I will always have your picture etched in my heart.




I want to see the sun rise in your eyes
Full of energy and hot with emotion-
And make me laugh out all my pent- up frustrations.

I want to see the sun shine in your eyes
Making rainbows out of the tears that will fall-
And wash out all the sorrows of my jealous heart into oblivion.

I want to see the sun set in your eyes
Resting in peace and calming my restless being-
And help me find my lost conscience again.



your silhouette, wondrously luscious

under the April showers, shimmering in the dark

unlike the frigid flowers in winter chilled by the frost

your body, sensuous, passionate enough

to frolicked in the thick foliage, caressed by the leaves

the soft green grass that temporarily replaced your waterbed

the heat of summer is cooled by your laughter

freeing my bundled thoughts from the crazy void

while I stood there, behind the shadows of the curtains

my tender whispers swallowed by the empty room.




Tears could not wash the pain inside of me

I stand in silence

While you lay in your bed

So pale

So weak

So battered

So fragile

Hope springs eternal they say

But you’ve given up the fight

a long time ago

I know

You’ve accepted your fate with


I thought I died more than once

While standing alone inside that

Cold cold quiet room

As you close your eyes

And took your last breath

Goodbye, dear friend.



The song in my life is the one that bears your name

It is neither like what Debussy’s homage to the silver moon

Nor Chopin’s nocturnes in his solitude

But rather it is the one that cries out in despair

That my lonely heart can strangely tell.

So many days spent waiting for your face to beckon again on my horizon

So many nights wasted just waiting for you to knock on my door

All these are nothing but wishful thinking

Insane ramblings

Of a hapless romantic fool like me.

This morning when I said my morning prayer

I realized that my life

Like a sad song

Will no longer

Be the same

Without you

Beside me,


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