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Inks and Verses
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Seasons in the Sun


It’s the best time of the year, they say.
Far different from the tropics where I used to play
And it is just a matter of time before I will finally
Realize the beauty that will unfold in my eyes.

They say, that it is the time of year that I will remember forever
Where the birds will fly carefree in the azure sky
And warm my heart with their haunting cries and lullabies.

The say, that summer is good but fall is better
The weather’s fine and the colors are amazing
My life will be a-ok and I will be happy

Deep in my mind, I almost believed them had it not for one lingering question.

Why does my heart feel blue in autumn when the leaves are turning bright red and yellow?



Cold Mornings

September afternoons, lazy nights
Spent just staring at the full silvery moon
Where the cold wind numbs the weary mind.

And somewhere, from afar you can hear
That painfully familiar tune of the
Haunting Claire de lune.

Pricking the nerves of the lonely, lonely heart
Where your voice still echoes in its hollow chambers
Bringing some happy and sad old memories back to life;
Shared memories that are forever entrenched in our hearts.

The autumn nights and afternoons are fine
But when early mornings become bitingly cold in October
It will be the time where I will finally reckon
That the best moments of my life
Had clearly passed by….


Summer Fling

our silhouette, wondrously luscious
under the April showers, shimmering in the dark
unlike the frigid flowers in winter chilled by the frost

your body, sensuous, passionate enough
to frolicked in the thick foliage, caressed by the leaves
the soft green grass that temporarily replaced your waterbed

the heat of summer is cooled by your laughter
freeing my bundled thoughts from the crazy void
while I stood there, behind the shadows of the curtains
my tender whispers swallowed by the empty room.



Autumn Mornings

I woke up each day at 4: 30 in the morning
Sadly, thinking of you…

Darn, it is usually early in October
When the leaves of the Maples began to fall
That I let my fond memories of you
Be numbed by the chilly wind blows.

To the curtain of the early morning mists
I let my tears unabashedly flow until it vanishes into the waiting arms of the Green grasses that is mildly bathe by the morning dew
-I know now that I just had to let go of you…

So, don’t be surprised my dear, if I never told you
The reasons why I decided not to say my usual “hello?” to you
I know that in your heart you’ll understand
Why I am now living my life without you.

Sadly, it is still your lovely face -
That my lonely heart first remembers
When I wake up in the cold and chilly
Autumn mornings….


My December

Came home with the rain
In October while my heart’s
Still in

Maybe my long-lost friend
But I shunned her company

Came home full of life,
Blowing up my suspicious mind.
I though I was tough

Maybe the love that I lost
She quickly went away with the
Coming of the rain in December.



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