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Short Short Stories
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Christmas Eve

unlike last year there is no snow yet

but the wind chill is quiet cold--

Numbing your skin

tearing into your bones

freezing your emotions…

In the dead of night I am awake--

lying in my bedroom

staring into the gloom with nothing else to do

But I like the quiet;

the stillness of the place

the serenity of the moment.

For I am at peace with myself when I am alone in total darkness

Ringing Liberty Bell

Christmas Day!

Its midnight and here I am once again tapping on my keyboard
Trying to fight sleep as I try to write my piece.
Its been going on like this since I started it a month ago today.

I wonder if how many people are still awake at this very moment?
Are they also into something or just a plain insomniac trying hard to fall asleep?

I can now hear the sounds--- of the Church bells ringing,
The noises and hurried footsteps made by people passing at my doorsteps.
I wonder what are their businesses at this very unholy hour?

At a distance, I heard the rooster crowed to signal the break of day.
It was only then that I remember that it is Christmas day!
c.December 25, 2000

Violin Playing 1

The Simplicity of Life

Romeo is a simple man.
He works as a simple guard in a simple store.
He lives in a simple home.

He has a simple family.
He eats simple food.
And sings simple songs.

He has simple dreams.
And has simple philosophy on everything.

But one day when he came home to his simple house
He found out that his simple wife left him for the arms of another simple man.
He simply got the gun from his simple bag-
And put an end to his simple life!
December 21, 2000

A Day In The Life

Here I am staring blankly at the linoleum floor.
Its been going on like this for about an hour now.
I want to write something but my mind is not working!

Unconsciously my fingers started to toy around with the keyboard.
But nothing substantial came out of it.
My mind is really out of synch!
For how can you explain a moment like this?

I look around looking for inspiration.
My eyes caught the book my friend Rajiv brought me yesterday.
I pick it up and started to flip on the pages

The Missus casually entered the room after a hard day in the office
And was surprised to find me reading the book of Kamasutra!
December 24, 2000

Johnnie's got a gun

Johnnie was once a simple man.
For years hes been quietly working on his farm.

Then one cold December morning--
His son was shot and killed by a drunken man.

The murderer is a quiet bespectacled man.
From afar he looks like an honorable one.

But dont let his looks deceive you.
For that is not the way to judge a man.

Now Johnnie is a changed man.
After the man got away with the murder of his son

One day Johnnie took the law in his hands
And killed the bastard with a homemade gun!
December 23, 2000


An Affair To Remember

I consider it as

I consider it
December 28, 2000

A Madness, Most Discreet

Nobody knows about it
Not even the slightest bit
My Julieth, let it remain a secret
Thats a request from your Romeo
December 28, 2000


I wish all these
to have
I wish for
I wish for
I wish for an
December 29, 2000

Life goes on...
Clock ticks...
every second
every minute
very hour
Life goes on
Clock stops
Life ends.
December 29, 2000

Plug In Jack 1

My life
-a driftwood
bobbing and bubbling
in the murky river.

My thoughts
-a feather
into the waves
of the misty air.

My heart
-a barren wasteland
of memories gone by.

-a never-ending story
of brilliant silhouettes
of the fire that
failed to ignite

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