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Inks and Verses

Broken China

Sitting alone under the century-old Tamarind tree, meditating on anything that comes to mind that will ease the loneliness inside.
Like a sordid drought of intellectual exercise that harms the mind, thoughts run like mad and strike a fire that engulfs everything in its path. The shockwaves shook the nerves of everyone that happens to be around and brought shivers to the weak spines when they saw the precious China crashing into the silver clouds. Broken in a hundred slivers, I weep for the loss of my only link to the golden past.



Fire Tumbling Mug


I dReAm.
I wIsH.
I hOpE.

I gRiEvE.
I wEeP.
I aChe.
I hUrT DeEpLy.

My Being.
My Soul.
My Life.

In SoLiTude,
I am ME.



for centuries
i have seen history
ubfolds before my
weary eyes...
i am a time-traveler
a restless spirit on the run!
i have walked the earth
as a noble warrior
and a lucky survivor
in the endless drama of
human's pride and strife.
i am the lonely voyager
with a thousand stories to tell,
the courageous mariner
braving the ancient gale.
i am the seeker of the Holy Grail,
the lonesome wanderer who
defied the curse of father time.
for ages, i have seek the
treasures of happiness and wept.
i have failed in my quest miserably
i am nothing but a forlorn ghost,
a sorry eyewitness to man's
never-ending follies
in his elusive search
for that thing called

Monday Blues

Its another Monday morning.
Here I am struggling to get out of bed.
Another day but the feeling is still the same.

I am dead tired of living.
I am sick of everything.
But I am not doing anything.

One day, all these will come to pass.
And I will be alive and kicking-
In hell or in heaven


Blue Bouncing Capsule

Lunar Eclipse

The moonbeams from above
Colors your lovely face in silver
Lifting my spirits high

Your eyes sparkles like diamonds
Washing my sins with your sacred tears.
Easing my tired soul’s untold sadness.

Golden moments like these
In the darkest times of my life
Made my weary psyche sigh.

I am in a deep, deep trance
Unmindful of my sorry existence
Lost in lucid dreams of pink paper flowers
And blue minted hearts floating in the crimson sky.

I am nothing but a foolish dreamer
Consigned to suffer in oblivion in the
Dark recesses of my mind.




 Light & Shadow

Walking alone in an alley
I ventured into a dark valley
My soul fumbled in twilight
and lost my way.

Then I saw you
Standing in a corner
Flashing your
Satanic grin and
Mephistophelean eyes

I groped for my senses,
screamed for my soul
as I tried to break off
from this idiotic
Beelzebub's quest.

my freedom
from your wicked curse


The Game

My eyes hurt. My head aches.
My senses numbed.

I feel weak and exhausted.
But I have to be alert.
Or else I will end up- Dead.

Armed with a submachine gun.
I fired left and right.

Damn, theres no stopping this addiction
To a game called-
Counter Strike.



The Truth Shall Set You Free 

In the autumn of discontent,
the epoch of uncertainty
you bid your goodbye
to me.

Beneath the silence,
the newfound autonomy
lays the realization
of ones own mortality.

We cast the first stone,
awed by the discovery
in the bosom of hell
still, God reigns supreme.


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