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Red Rose, Spinning

The Dreamer

Dreams do get the better of me
Once carving impossible
Shimmering images in the air
Gives in to the nurturing darkness.

A curtain mist filters
Silhouettes of faces remembered
Of faces that stared and pass
In a never-ending series.

Then the dreamer smiles
Vowing to love deeply
Promises not love another
That may skirt one's way.

The Devil In Me

It is now one o'clock in the morning...
Yet I am still awake and doing nothing.

The silence is deafening...
All I hear is the sound of the clock ticking.

I toss and turn...
Struggling to wrestle with my demons.

The room is pitch dark...
And so is my life.

Purple Crystal Ball

NOTE: This site is updated weekly.
This is my on- line workshop. This is the place where my poems are born; where they are at their infancy--raw, unedited and pure.


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