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Bubble Bath

Night Owl

A night of quite solitude
Spent alone, lying half- naked on the beach in Acapulco
Feeling the sand against my skin- cold, sharp but soothing.

My gaze drifted into the night sky
as my mind floated into the cool night air…

Somewhere along the coast off the gulf of Mexico
in a cottage by the sea, a girl with stars in her eyes is playing
her old Spanish guitar under the pale moon glow.

The sad strains pricking my weary heart and
stirring old feelings to crawl deep into my system
making my spirit weak and lulling my tired eyes to sleep
from the unexplained power of the mystical lullaby.

The deceptive peace was broken by the shriek of the night birds
coming from their lofty sanctuary nearby
as if reminding me not to fall into her spell again…

Her music is drowned by the howling of the wind,
her face slowly faded into the darkness
and my illusions trampled by the waves
crashing into the battered shore.

A night of quiet solitude…



 The Promise

Sleeping overhead; brooding, wheeling,
Rippling, raucous ghostly silence
The axes hewing in perfect-patterned precision
Stirs up the dreary dead passion.

Grey skeletons on the run,
Black demons falling one by one
 Bright-eyed thoughts drowning
-In shriveled ponds of autumn grass.

A vista of the future, withered faces
Clamored for delicious casual awakening.
Stilled desire chewing the suppressed chortle
-Of eternal promise of eventual liberation.

Kindred placid spirits yields.
and Salvation.



 Sweet Dreams 
The Moon
on the naked wonder
slowly drenching, soaking
Her Fear.
The night ripples in
Butterscotch flavor
Churning delicious
Into the mouth
Of the
Satin and laced
Door way
Calming her
Inner fears
and longings,
Settling her
Lost and tormented
Spirit into a
Narcoleptic world
of Ecstasy.

My so-called Life

I barely slept last night

My mind has to cope with complicated things,

Unwanted thoughts, restless dreams of what might have been.


Perhaps, it was because of careless youth,

Worldly choices and unsound reasons

That society bestowed on my weary shoes.


Like a forgotten piece of photo under the heavy mahogany table

My life is caught in a web of monstrous insecurity

In a dark alley, its still there

-Tattered, faded and yellow.


C2003 JBMS

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